General Information


Flippin’ Out Tumbling and Gymnastics is dedicated to providing a safe, positive learning environment built on fundamentals, so that each student can find success in achieving their individual goals.


Helping to build strong foundations that lead to future success.

Flippin’ Out Tumbling and Gymnastics strives to have the best student/teacher ratio to enhance each child’s individual learning experience

Safety First

Here at Flippin’ Out Tumbling & Gymnastics we strive to teach your children gymnastics in a fun, and safe environment. But, there are some things that you can help with, too. We’ll talk to the children daily about staying safe, but we also want you to talk to them if you see things that they are doing that looks unsafe. Children are our world’s greatest asset. We all should work to keep them safe.

Listed below are some particular things we want the children to think about. Three or four times during the year we set aside a few minutes to remind them of these rules. Please read these to your children.

Class Sizes

  • PeeWee Program: 7:1
  • Recreational Program: 8:1
  • Classes that do not meet minimum required enrollment may be combined with other like-classes or canceled.

Regulations & Expectations of Student Behavior

  • No shoes are to be worn in the gym.
  • No smoking anywhere within the Flippin’ Out building.
  • No food or drink permitted inside the gym at any time.
  • No one is permitted in the gym while classes are going on except gymnasts and instructors. (except the Mom & Me program)
  • Students should remain in class, unless they need to use the bathroom or get a drink of water. Students must ask the instructor/coach for permission to leave the gym area for any reason.
  • Parents, as a courtesy to the instructors/coaches, please do not “coach” your child from the “sidelines”.
  • Parents, please take note that any student who persists in disrupting a class will be removed until behavior is improved. Instructors work hard to make class a pleasant learning environment for everyone. Please make sure your child is aware of class behavior expectations each day.
  • Spectators are never allowed to run or play on the matting or equipment. This poses a danger to the students and the staff.
  • Running “wild” in the gym is never allowed.
  • Students are never to leave the gym without their parent or guardian.

Class Make-Up Policy

  • Scheduled Holidays (other than Christmas Week) must be made up during the session in which they occur. Only two make-up classes allowed per session. Religious holidays can be made up; with a maximum 2 per session.
  • Make-Up classes need to be reserved in advance and will only be reserved for classes where there is available space. A maximum of 1 make-up student will be allowed to make-up in any one class.

Gym Attire

  1. Long hair must be pulled away from face. (pony tails, pig tails, etc.)
  2. No jewelry can be worn during class.
  3. Clothing -
      • Girls – Leotard & Bare Feet (Leotards should not have attached skirts, or tights)
      • Boys – Shorts, T-shirts & Bare Fee
      • Boys & Girls – Shorts, T-Shirts & Bare Feet
    • MOM & ME
      • Boys & Girls – comfortable, stretchable clothes and bare feet for both parents and children.
      • * For your convenience, Flippin’ Out Tumbling & Gymnastics sells required attire at reasonable and competitive prices.

Inclement Weather Policy

Flippin’ Out Tumbling & Gymnastics follows the Nutley School District weather policy. If school is canceled or dismissed early, then Flippin’ Out will be closed. If there is a delayed opening, Flippin’ Out will be open. Classes canceled due to weather related closures must be made up but will not count towards the two make-up classes allotted for each student each session.

Tuition Payment

Session tuition payment is due one week prior to the first class for the following session. Approximately 2-3 weeks before the end of the session, an invoice for the upcoming session is emailed to the primary email account for the family. Payment can be made in person, by phone with a credit card or on-line at our parent portal. Notification if a child is dropping their class is appreciated so we can offer that spot to another child. If a payment is late (defined as after the first class of the next session) a late fee of $10 will be assessed.

Refunds and returned checks

There will be no refunds given for the registration fee or session tuition fees. Returned checks will result in a $55 charge being assessed against the account to cover the returned check fee assessed by the bank to Flippin’ Out and handling fees.