Intermediate Boys

Ages: 6–8 yrs.

1 Hour

This class level is differentiated by age. This is a class for young gymnasts who have mastered basic gymnastic skills taught during the Novice Boys class. The Intermediate Boys class will be working on increasingly more difficult skills including but not limited to:
  • FLOOR EXERCISE - round-off, back handspring, front handspring, handstand forward rolls, back extension to push-up position, run/hurdle cartwheel and round-off, dive roll.
  • POMMEL HORSE - leg swings, single leg cuts, basic scissor work, introduction to basic mushroom circles.
  • RINGS - straight arm L-support, swings, fly away dismount w/ ½ turn, shoulder stand, L-press to shoulder stand, back up-rise.
  • VAULT - Front hand springs on vaulting table, ½ on and off of table.
  • PARALLEL BARS - tSwings, swing handstands, handstands on parallettes, wendy dismount, stalder hold, press to shoulder stand.
  • HIGH BAR - Swings, ½ turns, back up-rise, fly-away.