Novice Girls

Separated by Gender: 6-8 yrs, 9-11 yrs, 12+ yrs

1 Hour

This class level is differentiated by age. This is a beginner level class for girls. All Olympic apparatus is used for this level with an emphasis on proper progression and development of skills leading to a solid foundation in gymnastics. Skills which will be taught during the Novice class include but are not limited to:
  • Skills:

    • FLOOR EXERCISE - forward and backward rolls (tuck, straddle and pike), lunge to lunge handstands, good and bad side cartwheels, bridge kick-overs.
    • UNEVEN BARS - jump to straight arm support, straight arm casts, chin up pull-over, glide swings with proper re-grasp, and back hip circles.
    • BALANCE BEAM - various forward, backward and side facing walks, needle kick to 45° handstand position, forward rolls, basic leaps, basic cartwheel on low beam, proper mount and dismount technique including round-off dismounts.
    • VAULT - correct running technique with hurdle onto the spring board, squat on, pike on to the horse, dive roll and handstand flat fall onto stacked mats.