Intermediate Girls

Ages: 6–8 yrs. old / 9–11 yrs. old / 12+ yrs. old

1 Hour

This class level is differentiated by age. This is a class for young gymnasts who have mastered basic gymnastic skills taught during the Novice Girls class. The Intermediate Girls class will be working on increasingly more difficult skills including but not limited to:
  • FLOOR EXERCISE - All skills included in Novice plus back-walkovers, front limbers and front walk-overs, back handsprings, creating a Floor Exercise “pass” with a dance element.
  • UNEVEN BARS - All skills included in Novice plus introduction of glide kips, front hip circles, mill circles, transitions to the high bar, re-grasp swings on high bar with ½ turns.
  • BALANCE BEAM - All skills included in Novice performed on high beam, cartwheels on high beam, handstand to full 90° vertical position, back walkovers on low beam, intermediate level leaps, turns and jumps, proper mount and dismount technique including side handstand ¼ turn dismount.
  • VAULT - All skills included in Novice Level plus front handspring over a spotting block and introduction of front handspring on the vaulting table.

In this level girls will be working on more advanced gymnastics skills and a solid foundation is important to their safety and ability to be prepared to learn more advanced skills.